Thursday, February 7, 2013

What's with the supply list?

     I thought I would take a quick moment to clarify why I have my supply list for each card. You would probably think, obviously so readers know what supplies to get to make the card! And this is very true.
A large majority of my supplies come from Stampin' Up, since it is my job to promote them, but also because I really do love their products!! I wouldn't support them if I didn't believe in their quality. And having a link on my page to order, makes it really easy for someone interested to get these supplies.
      However, if you notice in some of the lists, I have clearance items that you need to check availability on, and some items from past catalogs and some items that were a promotion at the time. It would be easier to use all current supplies, but I know that isn't how life works. If you are a craft hoarder like me, you don't buy something and then stop using it once it's outdated right? (In my case, I don't use many things until they ARE outdated!) So I listed those items there anyway so you can see what we have sold in the past, and that there are really cool things on the clearance page. Or maybe you use Stampin' Up already, and have those products. Then you can say "Hey, look what I can do with those!"
     And really, the most important thing for me, whether you ever purchase from me or not, is that I am proud of what I make and that I love to be able to share those images and ideas! So as always, enjoy and pass it on!

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